Directory & Membership Module (Add On): Upon search, each listing has it’s own location profile illustrating the geographical location and pertinent information.

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Logo ofSSL Wild Card Setup

SSL Wild Card Setup

Set up Wild Card SSL for website that is not hosted on DigiPaas

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Logo ofService/Retail Payment Page Setup Fee

Service/Retail Payment Page Setup Fee

Service/Retails Payment Page: Setup Fee

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Logo ofFull Menu Page

Full Menu Page

Full Menu Page (Add On): $125 for each menu 25 items

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Logo ofEvents & Blogs Module

Events & Blogs Module

Events & Blogs Module (Add Ons): $12 a month for 25 events pre-populated (if info is provided)

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Logo ofSocial Media Posting Module

Social Media Posting Module

Social Media Posting Module (Add On): Streamline social media management - build once, post everywhere. Add all your social media accounts to DigiPaaS. Then create custom posts and choose which social media accounts your post gets sent to.

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Logo ofEmail Marketing Module

Email Marketing Module

Email Marketing (Add On): Includes one hour of Email Template Set-up

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Logo ofE-Commerce Module

E-Commerce Module

E-Commerce Module (Add On): includes up to 10 products and access to the CRM. This does not include processing and gateway fees.

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Logo ofCRM Module

CRM Module

CRM Module (Add On): Our CRM is a centralized hub for all touchpoints of customer data. Create relationships, monitor and manage user engagement, track sales, tasks, transactions, log communications, and more.

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Logo ofAnalytics Integration Module

Analytics Integration Module

Analytics Integration Module (Add On): Includes setting up Google Analytics in our dashboard, making sure all XML site-map accepted by Google and giving access to the HIVE SEO portal for SEO reports and other online marketing tools which are available on a subscription basis.

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Logo ofSSL for Domain

SSL for Domain

SSL for Domain (Add On): Secure Sockets Layer product & installation

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Logo ofDNS Management

DNS Management

DNS Management (Add On): Domain Name System management

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Logo ofDonation Page

Donation Page

Donation Page (Add On): Convert your visitor into donors with the addition of this module

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Logo ofAdditional Page

Additional Page

Additional Page (Add On): Up to 100 items per extra page

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Logo ofCustom Block

Custom Block

Custom Block (Add On): Development of Custom Block for page, includes 3 hours build time for adding CSS controls

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Logo ofPort Over Blog & Event

Port Over Blog & Event

Port Over Blog & Event (Add On): Porting over of Blogs & Events

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Logo ofMembership Dashboard

Membership Dashboard

Membership Dashboard (Add On): includes setting up the dashboard

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